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Christine Alexander
Welcome!  There are 3 ways to purchase merchandise from the Ships Store:
1) During cruises.  We bring some of our most popular merchandise (shown on the following pages) to cruises so you can purchase onsite.  The merchandise comes embroidered with various RHYC designs, and you can request additional embroidery (name, boat name, etc) for an additional charge.  
2) Directly through the Ships Store volunteers. We take orders via phone or in person at cruises.  You can pick from any merchandise on hand or from our catalog and order your custom embroidery at the same time
3) Directly through our vendor, Captain Ts.  To see the entire catalog of merchandise available, go to:  Captain Ts
When you decide on your purchase, contact Captain Ts at
360.452.6549, let them know you are an RHYC member and place your order directly.
Regardless of how you purchase merchandise, your items can be custom embroidered (for an additional charge) with your name and/or boat name plus you can choose from any of the RHYC logo design options shown below:

Logo Design A

Logo Design B

Logo Design C

Logo Design D


           Logo Design E
Methods of payment:
1) Cash
2) Check
3) Credit Card (a 2.75% transaction fee applies to orders                      taken by the Ships Store)
Have Additional Questions? Contact the Ships Store Volunteers: