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Roche Harbor Yacht Club

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Membership in Roche Harbor Yacht Club is one of the best boating investments you can find in the Pacific Northwest. A true cruising club, RHYC’s clubhouse is found during the boating season at the many marinas and anchorages of the Salish Sea with a primary target of Puget Sound and the San Juans. In the off-season we can be found in various restaurants, wineries and other popular gathering spots in the Seattle/Tacoma/Olympia metro area.   RHYC has the flexibility of renting event appropriate meeting spaces along with our semi-permanent outstations while enjoying the many different profiles of the most attractive boating area in America. 
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New boaters will find themselves exposed to a friendly and supportive community of experienced power and sail boaters who will be more than ready to take them under wing to provide encouragement and solid advice. Experienced boaters will find a community of peers to cruise with, share boating experiences with and open new doors to their boating experience.

RHYC has many reciprocal agreements with clubs all over the Northwest and the RHYC membership card can be used at clubs all over the world. Many of our members can relate stories of the welcome they have received in clubs in Hawaii, the Caribbean, Great Britain and the Far East. The monthly newsletter, Anchor Watch, keeps everyone up to date with Club activities and provides useful boating tips for Northwest Cruising. The new club website opens doors to club activities and links to other clubs and services in the Northwest.

Active Membership is open to individuals 21 years or older who are owners of a cruising boat with a regularly installed engine or sails on a fixed mast. Non-boat owners, or those in-between boat ownership are welcome to Associate Member status at reduced dues.


You can start the RHYC membership application process by clicking the link below:


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We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on the water.